January 1st, 2015.

A day that will go down in history, no doubt. My novelette Valen has gone live, available for free on KU. For me, this is a learning exercise, a dry run for my larger work due March 1st. Although, despite my starting the story as a writing exercise after being burnt out on the novel, I must say I enjoyed writing the tale, enjoyed getting to know Aias, and look forward to writing a sequel novella as soon as I can manage. I already know the plot for that one (though not the ending), and just can’t wait.

If you want a free copy, just shoot me a message and I’ll send you out a freebie, no strings!


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3 thoughts on “RELEASE: VALEN

    • JR. Post author

      Thanks, Laura!

      Great to have some company besides the endless spam bots around here. I keep getting surprised that people are finding the short despite the total lack of advertising, but of course its always better to get feedback from people, rather than automated Amazon reports. The next one is in ‘completed draft’ stage, having been returned from my betas, but their insights now sit idle while I get hammered by some personal issues. Still hope to get it out first of the month, and the epic novel first of March, though!