It is good – wonderful – to have some good news after recent personal problems have kept me down. Thankfully, I’d budgeted my time well for this title, and it has been published on schedule.

In this episode of Ms. Valen, anti-thaumaturge extraordinaire, she is beset by a troubling situation: magic is being brought to the people for the first time, a long-held dream of hers; yet she is tasked with taking out the people who have discovered the marvellous new discovery. Well, maybe not so marvellous – it is rather brutal, and serving the ends of particularly nasty Crime Lords in the city’s ongoing Mage Wars. I’m not sure I can say any more without giving it away. Follow the links below to follow Aias, Briny, Leper, Ulaf, our little waif girl and a couple of crazy witch-doctors in Mage Bound, volume 2 of the Aias Valen serials.


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