God of Chains: Draft Complete,
Cover Art Reveal





I finally added those beautiful words to the God of Chains manuscript a couple of days ago: The End.

The draft came in right on 92,000 words, though I expect it will more likely expand slightly, rather than the usual cuts – of which there will be plenty, but more re-writes and character/world building, now that I have explored the whole world myself during the writing. Even beyond the borders of the Empire, within which the books are based. Aias Valen lives in Assan, beyond the Bosc territories that Commander Threyn alludes to early on.

Currently, I am trying to punch out another Aias Valen novella, perhaps three times the length of the original short, though sickness is really keeping me down just recently. The editing of GoC is moving at a snail’s pace, but I have added an experiment to the front page to follow that progress. Hopefully it will be a helpful (or perhaps shameful) nudge for me to keep the fingers to the grindstone.

Having said that, I do need some more worthwhile distractions in my life. Suggestions? Hit up my twitter feed.

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