God of Chains 1

Eons ago, there was one god. His domain covered the world, and all men bowed to Him.

But eventually, mortals gained power to challenge their Lord. As their strength grew, conflict became inevitable. Such is the nature of man. The Final Battle destroyed civilisation, and nearly the world. It consumed every being within the heavens, and chained the old god within an immortal prison. Or so they hoped.

A young boy is born in the capital of empire, who unknowingly heralds His return. Throughout the globe-spanning realm, shudders are felt as He begins to break His chains, and in every corner men draw arms, both in devotion and in defiance.

God of Chains is an epic fantasy, scheduled for release March 1st.


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One thought on “God of Chains

  • JR. Post author

    In the Capital of Empire, the birth of a caste-less boy heralds the return of God.

    Throughout the globe-spanning realm, shudders are felt as He begins to break the chains that have bound Him for eons, As humanity becomes aware of what stirs in the Heavens, men from every corner of the earth draw arms – both in devotion and in defiance.

    In Imperial Derani, Keyan is plucked from the refuse of the city and set upon a path to save his people, but the horrors that his prescient powers reveal threaten to turn him against everything he knows and loves. Within the Imperial Arms, Commander Threyn Rule leads a small unit of men to investigate demonic attacks from the Junctures – the demi-worlds that connect the disparate ends of the world. While in the highest corridors of power, Lady Serab must guide the ruling Poten Council against threats from within – within the empire, within the reigning nobles, and within themselves.

    Throughout it all, humanity must choose how they fight: for the love and glory of God, or for the freedom of mankind.