Aias Valen 2

Aias Valen, warlock hunter and anti-thaumaturge extraordinaire.

Aias is a woman living in the great city of Assan, perhaps the largest in the world – so long as you don’t ask a Derani Imperial. She has a past chequered with suffering caused by the magically powerful, beginning with the tragic demise of her own family. Now, she makes her living hunting mages, her particular talent for killing sorcery lending her a powerful edge. But lately the jobs have been coming from the underground war for control of the lucrative smuggling coming out of Empire lands. And she’s about to get in way over her head.

Valen is the first novelette in the Aias Valen series, released January 1st.

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Assan, the greatest city in the known world.

Recently the Mage Wars have been tearing the city apart, but for warlock hunter Aias Valen, the underworld battles that rage through the streets mean coin in her purse, and an opportunity to settle old scores.
As the crime lords pay handsomely for her services, the mages find themselves face to face with their greatest fear – an anti-thaumaturge, a being whose very presence means a quick death to any magic. But Aias’s old enmities continue to push her further into danger. And when someone pushes back, she will find there are greater dangers in Assan than the crime lords.


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Mage Bound is the next novella, due February 1st.


 For Aias, the war never ends. The mages are fewer, but magic grows like a plague as someone floods the city with cheap weapons – bound sorcery.

The mage hunter prepares to find the source of the scourge, backed by a new ally, and old masteries in deception, swordplay and guile. What she finds threatens more than just her life – to battle this evil, she may have to overcome her own demons, her own prejudice. That may be too far for Aias, but whatever her decision, the consequences will affect everyone in the great city, and eventually the world.

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2 thoughts on “Aias Valen

  • JR. Post author

    Amazon Review:

    Don’t let this short novelette fool you, it packs a mean punch and is jam packed with solid action throughout.
    In a magical fantasy world, Assan, the most popular city, is now a Mage war zone and violence waves the streets tearing up everything in its path. But for an anti-Thaumaturge, a girl with a presence whom kills all magic in her wake, she hunts through a surreal world of warlock hunters, crime lords, and unrelenting vengeance.
    A well written little book – Valen: Warlock Hunter, is definitely worth reading.

  • JR. Post author

    Amazon Review

    I was quickly sucked into Armstrong’s world of mages as I followed the girl who hunts them through the dark underbelly of Assan. This gritty fantasy story left me wanting to learn much more about the unique world, and I’ll look forward to reading more installments in the future.